Current Rewards

  • Free Cookie upon Joining
  • Baker's Dozen Croissant
  • Baker's Dozen Cookie
  • Every 10th Coffee Free
  • Six visits: 15% Off Order
  • VIPs get a bonus punch with each perk redemption
  • Occasional specials just for Perka members

Join our rewards program and get discounts on croissants, cookies, coffee, and more! We like to reward our regular customers, so every visit counts! Get a free cookie of your choice just for signing up.

Here's how to participate:

  • Download the Perka app to your smartphone (No smartphone? See below)
  • If you received a code at checkout, you can enter the code in the app to find our store and credit your account for your prior purchases. (If you ever forget to check-in, you will receive a similar code to enter when you get home.)
  • You will need to create an account (name, password, email address) within the app or on the web and verify it via email to check in at any store. This is required by Perka to reclaim your Perks if you lose or change your phone.
  • Each time you visit, check in with the Perka app.
  • Tell us you are a Perka customer at the register, and we will validate your visit. This will add your eligible purchases to your account and add one visit.
  • If you have earned any Perks, you can redeem them at checkout.

That's it!

PErka Tips and Additional Features

  • Turn on location services on your phone. This will make our store show up on Perka whenever you walk in. No more searching for us!
  • Turn on bluetooth on your phone and enable hands-free check-in in the Perka app settings. We have a bluetooth beacon in the store so you don't have to remember to check-in after your first visit. You still have to tell us you are a Perka member so we can validate your purchase.
  • You can even set up an autopay method within Perka, just like ApplePay or Android Pay or PayPal Pay. Tap your phone at the NFC reader to checkout right within the app.
  • Use Perka all around town! Other local merchants use it too.

No Smartphone?

You still can participate via text messaging.

  • Text DULCEPASTRY to 330-400-3300 to check in.
  • The first time you check in, you will get a text message back asking for your name. Reply with your name,
  • Tell us you are here so we can apply your perks.
  • You can text SIGNUP to 330-400-3300 and Perka will reply with a message asking for your email address. This will protect your Perks should you lose you phone, change to a new number, or get a smartphone.

More questions?

Ask us in the store, or visit the Perka help pages.